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#9 Dynamite use can crash the server Téquila defect major Bot AI 1.1b1
#36 Rend2 related bugs Téquila defect normal Engine 1.2dev
#33 br_durango: texture issue on bank door pardner defect trivial Maps 1.1

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#8 Shoot through wall total refactoring Téquila task normal Engine 1.1b1
#20 Ladder rework Téquila enhancement minor Engine 1.1b3

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#28 Gatling gun duplication bug (Fire a gun after gun is thrown away) defect blocker Engine 1.1b4
#26 1.1b4 bots cannot cope with more than one target defect major Bot AI 1.1b3
#55 br_deathvalleymine: no "teammate red X" and names. defect major Client GUI and Experience 1.2dev
#10 Motolov fire sound does not appear near burn location defect normal Engine 1.1b1
#11 Gatling Gun bugs defect normal Engine 1.1b1
#12 Movers can be blocked when they shouldn't be defect normal Engine 1.1b1
#14 New knife model enhancement normal Content 1.1b1
#15 New method for credits enhancement normal Menus and Credits 1.0
#34 Shot at the beggining of a round defect normal Gameplay and Balance 1.1
#35 End of a round pause defect normal Generic In-Game 1.1
#48 Server is renaming an other player instead of me. defect normal Bot AI 1.1
#49 Players get stuck on submerged ladders defect normal Engine 1.0
#60 add more details to the server log about teamkills enhancement normal Server and Admin Features 1.2dev
#61 avoid player to change team to earn money enhancement normal Gameplay and Balance 1.2dev
#50 adding guids to server.log enhancement minor Server and Admin Features 1.1
#41 *_train: locomotive's wheel defect trivial Maps 1.1
#52 *_coyotebluff: bots stuck on bridge defect trivial Maps 1.1
#53 *_nonamecity: see through door in church defect trivial Maps 1.1
#54 br_comanchecanyon: gap in brush defect trivial Maps 1.1
#56 br_durango: bots stuck in middle building defect trivial Maps 1.1
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