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#59 done support Téquila Téquila

As ioQuake3 managed to integrate support for Travis continuous integrtation platform, we should also do the same as this is a good stuff.

Actually first set up is made, you can check last job at

Also, you can check ioQ3 travis jobs at

#58 fixed Server Browser broken in ioq3-synchro Tequila <tequila@… ilag

In the branch ioq3-synchro, the server browser is completely broken. Clicking the "Get New List" button throws this line into the console. Unknown command "globalserversallmaster" It seems that ioq3-synchro and newer versions of ioquake3 than the version in Smokin Guns 1.1 do not have this command.

Solution 1: Put this command back into the client. This allows for the client's latest engine to be used with 1.1's QVMs, allowing for backwards compatibility.

Solution 2: Alter how the "Get New List" function works to use only globalservers 5 times instead. This solution is not backwards-compatible, but would allow Smokin Guns to better keep track with ioquake3's updates.

Considering that I use ioq3-synchro's branch because it doesn't crash on startup when using a 64-bit game executable, backwards compatibility is important for now. When it comes time for 1.2's release, I believe that solution 2 is the better solution.

Attached is a patch implementing the backwards-compatible fix by bringing code from master into ioq3-synchro, and modifying it to work correctly.

#51 invalid GUI graphics Quality presets do not unset r_fastsky pardner

Platform,OS: x86_64, Engine/game version: SG v1.1

How to reproduce:

  1. Launch Game, and start a map.
  2. Press ESC to bring up the menu, and go to System
  3. Click the graphics Quality presets until you reach Very Fast.
  4. Hit Apply. You will see that r_fastsky has been set (black sky)
  5. Press ESC to bring up the menu, and go to System
  6. Click the graphics Quality presets until you reach High Quality.
  7. Hit Apply. You will see that r_fastsky still is set (black sky)


Unable to clear r_fastsky via the GUI menu. I had to look up the cvar in the q3config. I am able to change it in game via /r_fastsky 0, so there is nothing wrong with the cvar function

Expected result:

Either make the high quality preset clear the r_fastsky, or make a separate GUI line for it. That way a new player who starts changing video quality does not think that our game only has black skies.

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