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#1 fixed Change some default cvar values sg_tequila sg_tequila

For this beta, we would like to activate few enhanced still available in 1.0 engine by default:

  1. The boost FPS code by Hika: set g_boostfps 1
  2. The new shotgun pattern by Joe Kari: set g_newShotgunPattern 1
#2 fixed Features for testing weapon tweaks torhu torhu

The beta will allow server admins to change spread, damage, and range for each weapon. It works like described here.

In addition to what the original patch does, the weapon properties on the clients will be kept in sync with the server, and the settings will be stored to the cvar g_weaponInfo.

Optionally, information about which weapon settings are changed from the defaults, could be printed on the client console upon joining a server.

#3 fixed Kick callvote doesn't work in SP mode sg_tequila pardner

-Create a single player mode with bots -/callvote kick botname (or use menu) -vote passes -console error "unknown cmd sendaway"

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