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#42 fixed *_lago: bank stairs pardner barto

*Map Name*: br_lago and dm_lago *Engine\Game version:* >=v1.1


There are some missing textures on the left side of the banks entrance's stairs.

Attached file description:

  • stairs_lago.jpg
#13 fixed "Info string length exceeded" issues sg_tequila

On a dedicated server, it is easy to fulfill the System Info string. Then we got a lot of "Info string length exceeded" message on the console.

When this message happens, it means clients will miss some part of the System Info. This can be a real problem if the missing part is something like the gametype or the mapname...

For example, on my dedicated, as I setup the HTTP download, the SystemInfo? string contains now a big URL and I got the error. I then must reduce the size of other SystemInfo? part like the server name or any other not important info string.

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