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#4 fixed Addbot command and UI doesn't when connected on dedicated server torhu sg_tequila

How to reproduce:

  1. Connect to a public server
  2. Open the ingame menu
  3. Select "Addbot" and choose a bot
  4. Game responds something like "unknown addbot cmd" and nothing happens

What is expected:

  • I think a callvote to add the bot, so people alone on a public server could play with bots waiting for people

Btw, bot_minPlayers to 0 may prevent the feature: the bot will be kicked automatically. Maybe we should just remove or disable the Addbot menu when online and add a callvote to set bot_minPlayer.

#5 invalid Color set at the name beginning doesn't colorize the name in the console sg_tequila
  1. Put a color code at your name beginning
  2. Open the console
  3. say something from the console
#6 fixed Add dedicated OpenAL UI to help tuning its setup sg_tequila

We really need a dedicated OpenAL panel/menu to setup all the s_al* cvars.

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