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#23 done add the "tell" command tomdesinto


A nice feature of UrbanTerror is missing here :

/tell <client number> <text>
/rcon tell <client number> <text>

This command allows ones to send a chat line to one client only (i.e: private messages)

While the /bigtext command already does something similar, the bigtext can really be used only for short sentences.

It would be another step to bring the bigbrotherbot project closer to SG.

I'm not used to the Q3 code but it seems that the code for the UrbanTerror? tell command can be found line 644 in svn://

#24 duplicate Mirror texture in dm_hangemhigh not working khpe
#38 done br_cobber: ugly wall barto

Map Name: br_cobber Engine\Game version: >=v1.1


This wall near the robber's spawn point is ugly in spectating mode, maybe this wall should be a little bigger to hide what is behind. If I am not clear, just look at the attachment.

Attached file description:

  • wall_cobber.jpg
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