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#22 invalid Can't set s_musicvolume via autoexec.cfg nor console khpe

Since the 1.1 builds, the music can only be turned off via the UI. Due to this bug, the game won't remember the music setting and after each restart of the game, it is again the default volume of 0.25.

The only way to turn off the music via the console is s_stop, however this is only temporary as the music will continue as soon as the next song is played.

Operating system: Linux Affected SVN revisions: 448, 442, and earlier ones

#1 fixed Change some default cvar values sg_tequila sg_tequila

For this beta, we would like to activate few enhanced still available in 1.0 engine by default:

  1. The boost FPS code by Hika: set g_boostfps 1
  2. The new shotgun pattern by Joe Kari: set g_newShotgunPattern 1
#5 invalid Color set at the name beginning doesn't colorize the name in the console sg_tequila
  1. Put a color code at your name beginning
  2. Open the console
  3. say something from the console
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