Oct 31, 2009:

9:44 AM Ticket #13 ("Info string length exceeded" issues) created by sg_tequila
On a dedicated server, it is easy to fulfill the System Info string. …

Oct 28, 2009:

5:09 PM Ticket #7 (Anti-renaming abuse stuff is not enough friendly) closed by sg_tequila
fixed: * Fixed in r375 * To resume the feature, this is a comment I put in …
2:05 AM Ticket #3 (Kick callvote doesn't work in SP mode) closed by sg_tequila
fixed: * Fixed in r372

Oct 27, 2009:

9:57 AM Ticket #12 (Movers can be blocked when they shouldn't be) created by Téquila
One case is still described in ticket #11, gatling on the Santa Fe …
1:30 AM Ticket #11 (Gatling Gun bugs) created by pardner
*Remote Controlled Gatling* 1) Buy Gatling 2) Set Gatling up on top of …

Oct 22, 2009:

5:17 PM Ticket #10 (Motolov fire sound does not appear near burn location) created by pardner
I found a bug relating to the fire sound from the Molotov. The best …

Oct 21, 2009:

11:08 PM Ticket #9 (Dynamite use can crash the server) created by Téquila
Platform,OS: x86_64, linux Fedora 10 Engine/game version:

Oct 20, 2009:

11:10 AM Ticket #8 (Shoot through wall total refactoring) created by Téquila
* BG_ShootThruWall() must be refactored as some important case are not …
10:22 AM Ticket #7 (Anti-renaming abuse stuff is not enough friendly) created by sg_tequila
1. Renaming will occurred at the next map change when discarded in the …
10:15 AM Ticket #6 (Add dedicated OpenAL UI to help tuning its setup) created by sg_tequila
We really need a dedicated OpenAL panel/menu …
10:13 AM Ticket #5 (Color set at the name beginning doesn't colorize the name in the console) created by sg_tequila
1. Put a color code at your name beginning 2. Open the console 3. …
10:10 AM Ticket #4 (Addbot command and UI doesn't when connected on dedicated server) created by sg_tequila
How to reproduce: 1. Connect to a public server 2. Open the ingame …
9:48 AM Ticket #1 (Change some default cvar values) closed by sg_tequila
fixed: * New defaults set for the beta 1.1b1: * set g_newShotgunPattern 1 …
12:35 AM WikiStart edited by sg_tequila
Minor update (diff)
12:11 AM Ticket #3 (Kick callvote doesn't work in SP mode) created by pardner
-Create a single player mode with bots -/callvote kick botname (or use …

Oct 19, 2009:

4:00 PM Milestone Smokin' Guns 1.1b1 - Engine completed
1.1 engine beta testing first release

Oct 16, 2009:

12:35 AM SmokinGuns/Changelog created by sg_tequila
Include current Changelog file
12:12 AM WikiStart edited by sg_tequila
Updated for Smokin'Guns (diff)

Oct 13, 2009:

11:49 PM Ticket #2 (Features for testing weapon tweaks) created by torhu
The beta will allow server admins to change spread, damage, and range …

Oct 10, 2009:

5:41 PM Ticket #1 (Change some default cvar values) created by sg_tequila
For this beta, we would like to activate few enhanced still available …
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