Nov 30, 2009:

2:47 PM Ticket #13 ("Info string length exceeded" issues) closed by sg_tequila
fixed: Removed this one and also g_url Tried to shorten version Fixed …
12:06 PM Ticket #17 (g_checkClients prevents adding bots) closed by sg_tequila
fixed: Fixed in r414
9:26 AM Ticket #18 (Dedicated GUI console input focus issues) created by torhu
When starting the GUI server console, it appears to capture the mouse …
9:12 AM Ticket #17 (g_checkClients prevents adding bots) created by torhu
8:49 AM Ticket #16 (Transparent console behaves oddly on dedicated GUI server) created by torhu
With cl_consoleType 1 and cl_consoleTransparency 0, text is not being …
4:36 AM Ticket #4 (Addbot command and UI doesn't when connected on dedicated server) closed by torhu
fixed: Fixed in r165 in the content svn.

Nov 4, 2009:

12:16 AM Ticket #5 (Color set at the name beginning doesn't colorize the name in the console) closed by sg_tequila
invalid: Seems only black color is concerned btw, but this is another problem. …

Nov 3, 2009:

10:49 AM Milestone Smokin' Guns 1.1b2 - Engine completed
1.1 engine second release during beta test stage
4:03 AM Ticket #6 (Add dedicated OpenAL UI to help tuning its setup) closed by sg_tequila
fixed: New UI ready with enhanced OpenAL support for the v1.1b2
2:16 AM Ticket #15 (New method for credits) created by red_neckerson
Would be nice to keep the .roq credits video by EvilFutsin? WITHOUT …

Nov 2, 2009:

11:17 AM Ticket #14 (New knife model) created by Téquila
A new knife model was proposed in last January. Can we insert it in …
10:59 AM WikiStart edited by sg_tequila
Inserted SmokinGuns page as SmokinGuns wiki pages index (diff)
10:51 AM SmokinGuns created by sg_tequila
Created SmokinGuns wiki index
10:46 AM SmokinGuns/OpenAL edited by sg_tequila
Added PageOutline? macro (diff)
10:36 AM SmokinGuns/OpenAL created by sg_tequila
Creation with most important links

Oct 31, 2009:

9:44 AM Ticket #13 ("Info string length exceeded" issues) created by sg_tequila
On a dedicated server, it is easy to fulfill the System Info string. …
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