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     3= Breli's Dawnfort Map =
     5== Comments ==
     7* '''History and concept''': Dawnfort and its sibling "Newtown" are my "second generation" maps and a significant step forward in terms of looks and gameplay in my humble opinion ;). I started to work secretly on Dawnfort after the team made the decision to exclude Nightfort from our first release. I kept the overall idea of a abandond fort with secret passages and lots of nooks and crannies to hide. The lighting and "reddish" dawn was supposed to give a more dramatic atmosphere. Dawnfort was also the first map in which I made extensive use of models in order to break the 90° degree angle look of most canon maps. It is probably although my best map gameplay wise since it allows for quick & fast shotouts, clever movement and gives some long range opportunities as well. Almost all areas/roofs are accessible.
     9* '''My own review''': From a technical as well as gameplay perspective I was always happy the way Dawnfort turned out. Sure there are things that could be improved upon in the future (namely better textures) but all in all, Dawnfort is still a decent map to play on im my opinion. If anything, it is lacking a bit more of a true western atmosphere. The buildings look a tad too "European" and some other things seem a bit off.
     11* '''Map facts:
     12   * Gamemodes: DM, TDM, RTP and BR. However, the layout is not really suited for BR.
     13   * Release year: 2007
     14   * Bot support: Yes
     15   * Size and brush complexity: 3794 brushes and 493 entities
     19== Screenshots ==
     30== License and sources ==
     32It is released now under CC BY-SA 4.0 and may be used accordingly:
     34[[|Dawnfort source file (DM and BR version)]]