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     3= Breli's Newtown Map =
     5== Comments ==
     7* '''History and concept''': Newtown is very similar to its sibling "Dawnfort" (my two "second generation" maps). Technically as well as from a gameplay perspective. Newtown is very losely based on an old map "Town" which was made by Spoon himself if I remember correctly. The old "town" map never got released for all I know. It was quite basic but had an interesting layout. So we tried to recreate it with Newtown. I developed this one in parallel to Dawnfort (or shortly thereafter) which is why both are quite similar in terms of technique as well as models/assets used. Thus, both maps feel quite similar and look a like to a certain extend.
     9* '''My own review''': Pretty much everything that I wrote for Dawnfort applies here as well. All in all I was quite happy with Newtown. Like Dawnfort it could use some fresh textures and more advanced brushwork. Specifically the "roof building in progress" area is a bit off and doesn't feel quite right. Moreover, the abundance of rail tracks are a bit over the top and whatever I had in mind with the small "train thingy" below the watertank didn't work out ;) ...
     11* '''Map facts:
     12   * Gamemodes: DM, TDM, RTP and BR. However, the layout is not really suited for BR.
     13   * Release year: 2007
     14   * Bot support: Yes
     15   * Size and brush complexity: 3794 brushes and 493 entities
     19== Screenshots ==
     29== License and sources ==
     31It is released now under CC BY-SA 4.0 and may be used accordingly:
     33[[|Dawnfort source file (DM and BR version)]]