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     1= Introduction =
     2In this wiki, we will add Smokin' Guns into Steam as a non-steam game entry on Linux. I'll use in this case a machine running a x86_64 system.
     3On Windows, linking the .exe is straightforward but Linux requires the game to have a .desktop file.
     5= Content =
     6* Why
     7* Creating a Desktop file
     8* Adding it to Steam
     10== Why ==
     11There are many reason for you that we may want to add SG in your non-steam games:
     12* You want to add all your games in steam to have a nice representation of what you have in your machine
     13* You want to show your friends that you are playing SG, is there actually a better way to do so?
     14* You want to use the steam overlay while playing.
     16== Creating a Desktop file ==
     17Open any text editor and paste the content given below:
     19[Desktop Entry]
     21Name=Smokin' Guns
     25You may edit the Exec and Icon line to point to the {{{smokinguns.x86_64}}} executable (or .i386 if you are using a 32bit system) and {{{sg_48.png}}} icon file
     26Then save what you did as {{{smokinguns.desktop}}} into the root folder of the game (in the example, it was {{{/home/yourname/folder/of/}}})
     28== Adding it to Steam ==
     29* Click on {{{+ ADD A GAME...}}} on the botton of the window on the Library section of Steam
     30* Select {{{Add a Non-Steam Game...}}}
     31* Click on {{{BROWSE...}}}
     32* Go where you saved your {{{smokinguns.desktop}}} file, select it and click {{{OPEN}}}
     33* Then click on {{{ADD SELECTED PROGRAMS}}}
     34That's all!